Can we predict the future? (tl;dr a bit)

Can we predict the future? (tl;dr a bit)

At the beginning of this year, bright-eyed and full of optimism, we looked at what industry leaders were predicting for 2015.

We absorbed some of it, chucked some away and made a list of predictions based on the buzz words that surrounded us all those 346 days ago.

Our psychic abilities (research abilities) were put to the test.

Here’s how that turned out.

  • Amazon Air will move slowly.

    Yup. Slowly like a dead snail. UK regulations make a widespread roll-out impossible, according to Wired only a few weeks ago.

  • In October Pocari Sweat, a Japanese soft drink company, will launch a capsule and send it TO THE MOON.

    Nope. Still a work in progress. We were lied to. We apologise.

  • Ad spend will rise again in 2015. Globally, by 5.3%, and 3.5% in the UK. Once again digital will lead the trend, increasing by 17%.

    Almost right. The Q3 IPA Bellwether put UK ad spend growth for 2015 at a predicted 3.7% (we’ll find out the actual results in January). eMarketer tells us that global ad spend will actually grow 5.7% this year, and digital is leading, in18.0% in 2015 to reach $170.17 billion, or 29.9% of the total advertising market.

  • Mobile ad spend is due to overtake magazine ad spend.

    Yes. Mobile is huge. Welcome to earth, we think you’ll like it.

  • NFC payments and other contact services will become more popular thanks to Apple Pay finally climbing on board.

    This happened too.

  • Apple Watch will finally be released in spring.

    You might have noticed.

  • Beacons will be used by 60 per cent of retail marketers.

    Bloomberg says nope.

  • Forbes predict that 2014’s slew of largely positive and empowering campaigns for women’s products will continue.


  • Millenials routinely go after things like high design aesthetic, good value and ‘do-good’ brands, aspects of a brand traditionally associated with XX chromosomes.

    The most watched ads on YouTube from AdWeek will let you form your own conclusions.

  • We’re due a visit from Marty McFly.

    This happened beyond all expectations.

  • There will be a general election. There will be a reasoned and well executed bubble of entirely honest marketing communications from all parties.

    Sure. Let’s say that happened.

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