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Free knowledge: The 12 Principles of Animation

Autotrader animation
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A quick guide to talking about animation

d.fferent's resident animator Frazer has put together a quick animation glossary so everybody's on the same page when it comes...

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A trippy journey (AKA: a good start)

Jacob came to us as a Summer School 2016 student, and we set about teaching him the ins and outs...

differentology IAB mobile advertising research
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differentology’s study to save mobile advertising

A differentology study on behalf of IAB has revealed how brands can save their mobile advertising from the rise of...

Frazer After Effects session
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d.fferent does After Effects

After Effects is industry standard software for animation, video editing and interactive design. It’s dead good.

Summer school 2016
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Applications for 2016 are now closed

Summer School is back!

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Long live the day

In May 2015 we began creative development to refresh the Alive After 5, Get Into Newcastle campaign.

A grid showing the whole list of global goals in multicoloured squares
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The Global Goals: Let’s save the world

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will come together in New York at the UN to discuss The Global...

Summer school 2015 Charlotte Zena Andy and Bethan
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Cake and equal opportunities

My second week at summer school arrived with a live research brief for a real-life, actual client – a national...

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Enjoy a visual feast, click here

Frazer spends a lot of time researching the most exciting in animation. It's his job to be part of it,...

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Not just the work experience boy

My short time at d.fferent (only a week), has felt more like a month! Not because it dragged, but because...

James Summer School 2015 copywriting
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Am I allowed to swear on here?

I haven’t seen Bill Murray or Yoda at e>erything d.fferent but who needs them?

Harry work placement the mobilizer
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Getting mobilized

This week we had another Harry in on work placement. Here's what he did.

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We had a very impressive student stay with us this week. Here's what happened.

Women's world cup Frazer top 10
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Awesome motion graphics

Frazer (our resident animator) spends a lot of time looking for inspiration from the best and most interesting motion graphics...

Ian, Jo, Kaara, Sarah, Judith, Carla, Matt, Simon, adrian, Jon Cinema 4D
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Class trip

Cinema4D is software for 3D modelling, animation and rendering. It allows us to think in a different space, creating near-photographic...

Adam and Frazer
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So the student becomes the master

University of Sunderland student Adam Sadler won a week's placement with Frazer, our animator. Here's what happened.

autotrader tech
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Finding the future

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#OurCreativeNorth: Yeah, why not?

Rachael was one of the mentors on #OurCreativeNorth on Wednesday. She coached a team from Newcastle University against Marko's team...

Winter Sale 2014 barker and stonehouse outdoor 16 sheet
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A winter’s sale

Building on the success of the evolved Autumn campaign, the Barker and Stonehouse Winter Sale was a high-impact extension of...

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The Mobilizer

differentology discovered some great things about mobile advertising. We needed something eye catching to spread the word. Thats where the...

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.00.50
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Get more

In October 2013 Newcastle's local businesses gave an overwhelming degree of support to NE1, Newcastle’s Business Improvement District, by voting...

disney bad boys
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Never a dull moment

d.fferent has allowed me to see the busy, exciting life of a client partner. My time here is sadly coming...

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 15.35.25
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Number blasting.

Numbers, facts, figures... something about them doesn’t add up to me. Actually, that’s a lie. One plus one usually equals...

owl and the copycat
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The owl and the copycat

If you’re a UK adult the odds are that you access a search engine every day. 91% of us do....

Connected Consumers IPC
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IPC Media win FIPP Award for Connected Consumers

There are a few ways to recognize a job well done: satisfied clients, impressed peers and a warm fuzzy feeling...

Bobby Cable character sheet
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Heroes Assemble!

November last year, NOW TV had a design-your-own superhero competition. Being obsessed with everything superheroes I HAD to enter. So...

Autotrader animation
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The undecided buyer

AutoTrader sell cars. It stands to reason, then, that they’d take a professional interest in the online journey of car...

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d.fferent ranked in top 100 by Campaign

Campaign’s annual school reports, or legendary school reports if you’d prefer, have been released. And we’ve climbed 45 places, which...

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Damage control

Pureology is L’Oreal’s premium hair care and styling range for use by professionals and salons. We were set the challenge...

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Local gets vocal

First Radio Sales represent over 118 radio stations, with over 25% of them commercial market leaders in their local broadcast...

IPC media powerpoint page
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Inspired conversations

In order to better understand how people interact with these brands, IPC conducted new research into the “Connected Consumer” as...

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Challenge accepted

Frazer, our resident animator, created this fun animation in After Effects and Cinema 4D.

IPA ADAPT sessions
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Let’s all give change a big hug

Our Group MD attended the IPA ADAPT sessions in London this month. Here are his thoughts: "We should be used...

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Can of worms

Why would anyone want to open a can of worms? Well, we aim to answer that question in our latest...

evolution screengrab
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Where would we be if we just accepted things the way they are?

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What good are answers unless you've asked the right questions?

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Bringing data to life

News UK came to d.fferento/ogy in order to effectively communicate their readership figures.

Gromit unleashed A4 poster
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Follow the trail…

Gromit Unleashed was a public art exhibition in which 80 giant sculptures of Gromit were placed around the streets of...

Why? Video preview
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This little animation says a lot about our approach.

Cat, Hanna and Frazer
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Newbie roundup

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