A trippy journey (AKA: a good start)

A trippy journey (AKA: a good start)

Jacob is a student at Northumbria Uni. That’s him there in the hat.

He came to us as a Summer School 2016 student, and we set about teaching him the ins and outs of a day as a professional animator. By we, we mean Frazer.

Jacob’s task was to a short animation over the course of his five-day stay at everything different.

The brief was as vague as that. He had free reign to incorporate any music, concepts or ideas he wanted into the animation.

The learning

Throughout this process Frazer and Jacob covered storyboarding, music selection, and a variety of animation techniques, adding to Jacob’s skillset and shining up his CV ready for employment and/or world domination.

In the end he decided to create his own character to rig and animate, using a music track that he’d created himself.

“Jacob has a really unique, abstract style. He brought it to life in Photoshop and After Effects, software he already had a pretty good handle on before his placement,” said Frazer.

Jacob still has a couple of years at uni to go, but he’s set for awesome things if he keeps his standards high.

The final animation shows everything he learned and skills he developed during his placement. Jacob actually did was animate the rigged character  to walk to the beat of the track, meaning he’s got a good grasp of keyframes, timings and effects within after effects. 

If he continues on this path with his work he’ll do great.

Which is what we want obviously.

Jacob has an Instagram, where he posts art and doodles from his very own brain.

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