d.fferent does After Effects

d.fferent does After Effects

After Effects is  industry standard software for animation, video editing and interactive design. It’s dead good.

Around these parts it’s mainly used by Frazer to create animation and video projects for actual bucketloads of client campaigns.

With a simple demonstration and the rapt attention that only a bowl of sweets can conjure, Frazer shared his knowledge with a whole bunch of d.fferent folk in a series of sessions last week.

Why though?

Basically, Frazer wanted everybody to understand what it is he actually does all day, give a better understanding of what goes into an animation project, and told the masses how to get started on an animation project of their own.

Thanks to Frazer, the interface and basic setup of After Effects are no longer a mystery. His students can also tackle the important business importing files, adjusting layers and make their way around a basic keyframe animation complete with effects, audio and rendering.

“Frazer’s animated videos always look really complex and involved,” said Sarah, one of the chosen few. “But when he explained a simple demonstration step-by-step he made animation seem much more accessible to ‘old guard’ artworkers!”

Frazer’s 28 step guide to After Effects is pretty useful.

Step aside, Disney.

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