Am I allowed to swear on here?

Am I allowed to swear on here?

As a young adult, my purpose is to find my purpose. Whether in university or college or an apprenticeship or a job, I’m are constantly bombarded with the question, what are you going to do with your life? (Usually with ‘Boy?’ on the end but that may just be me).

Two years out of school and several different jobs later and I had no clue still, hoping it would be like the movies and Yoda or Bill Murray would float down from the sky and tell me which path to take.

I haven’t seen Bill Murray or Yoda at e>erything d.fferent but who needs them? I’ve had two weeks work experience packed to the brim with live, creative briefs as well as witnessing a radio ad being created from scratch, to develop my passion for copywriting. Brainstorming, writing blogposts, articles and radio/TV ads, proofreading. I’ve done the lot (and hopefully helped along the way).

Advertising is an art form. If you read my other blog post you can see just how amazing advertising can be and even just take a peek at the work d.fferent has done here and you’ll be impressed.

Want to write radio plays that will be broadcasted to tens of thousands of people? Try copywriting. Want to design an advert that’ll be shown on national television? Try copywriting. Want to write a strap line no longer than 3 words that will encapsulate a brand’s identity and be attached to every print ad, billboard and piece of media for the client on a regional or even national level? Try copywriting.

Mell, am I allowed to swear on here? [Ed: Yes.] Fucking hell, it was awesome. I can’t thank everyone enough.

If I haven’t persuaded you to apply for Summer School next year, then try a different area like Animation, Account Handling, Art Direction, Design… there are even more options you can choose from but I can’t recall them all so take a look here!

Massive thanks to the Sue, Pauly and Oeil in the copywriting team for putting up with me and showing me just how great copywriting is and to all of the creative team for being so welcoming and helpful in developing my ideas. I really appreciated it! 

by James Wilson

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