Green & Black’s & brand management

Green & Black’s & brand management

This week I took an hour of my workday to listen in on a webinar titled Brand Management in the Digital Age.

It was always going to be a good use of my time professionally, but the fact that it was hosted by Jo Fairley, AKA the founder of Green & Blacks AKA the recipients of a significant minority of my salary…well, I was obviously going to listen in.

Jo started out by covering her background in journalism, the journey of Green & Blacks and her experience with other totally unrelated brands like the Perfume Society of which she is also founder.

Despite the seemingly disparate nature of her ventures, Jo’s advice was flexible and insightful, and could be useful for basically anybody.

Twitter is nearly dead

It shouldn’t surprise anyone with half an eye on social media news that Twitter is having a hard time of it recently. That this is reflected in the minds of marketers isn’t a surprise either.

Jo described Facebook and Instagram as “friendly and positive” whereas Twitter has a “dark and negative” vibe. It’s easy to see her point. Where there are trolls being arrested for harassment, Twitter isn’t far behind. S’not really ideal from a brand management perspective.

It’s not that Twitter doesn’t have its uses, of course, but Instagram and Facebook are more useful for promoting values and building community.

Speaking of values…         

Apparently 92 per cent of consumers want stories in their brand marketing, and the best stories are values driven.

Time and time again in the webinar, Jo came back to the fact that if you know what your brand stands for, what your values are, talking to your audience is an absolute breeze.

And everybody should know what they are. Paint it on your office wall, tattoo it on your eyelids (Disclaimer: Jo did not recommend this) and make sure everybody from social media managers to brand strategists is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Influencer marketing

Green and Black’s regularly works with food and chocolate bloggers, the Perfume Society regularly collaborates with perfume bloggers. They already have an engaged audience and if your product is relevant it can work wonders.

All of this is really obvious, but Jo’s insights go into detail on the high fees often charged by popular bloggers.

She also put in a reminder that the ASA regulation around endorsements is still quite fuzzy. Transparency with your audience is important to maintain brand integrity.

Other snippets…

  • The upside of DIY: Jo tells the story of a series of social media videos shot in house and quickly produced for around £4000. Engagement levels across platforms were great. Cadbury’s, Green & Black’s parent brand confessed that they would have put out six figures for the same results.
  • If you’ve got a good product, give it away Jo credited a lot of Green & Black’s early success to being the world’s first organic chocolate, and the crates of samples they sent to everybody they could think of. The delicious product spoke for itself.

by Mell

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