No Scotch or sexism, more cake and equal opportunities

No Scotch or sexism, more cake and equal opportunities

Charlotte‘s second week meant another video with her group, and a bit of reflection on every day heroes. And tea. Please click that suspiciously highlighted first word for a recap of her first week.

My second week arrived with a live research brief for a real-life, actual client – a national brand, how exciting!

From researching various aspects of advertising and the like, doing research for a client, looking at live briefs to send the creatives upstairs, navigating Synergist or compiling/presenting PowerPoints (I do love a good PowerPoint…), I felt my two weeks gave me a real inside peek at how the agency is run and what the job entails.

This isn’t one of those coffee-running, photo-copying, collecting people’s post, general dogsbody kind of placements… Oh no. It’s called Summer School for a reason – you’re here to learn, and people are willing to take time to teach you.

So what have I learnt from my time here? And what can you expect from Summer School?

Well, for one ad agencies are not like Madmen: there’s no Scotch or sexism, and instead more cake and equal opportunities.

But being serious here for a second, it’s been an experience that has boosted my confidence hugely. If you’ve expressed a desire to work in the industry you’ll be used to hearing phrases like: “Oh well, that’s a difficult business to get into you know,” “Well, it’s incredibly competitive out there,” and “It’s a tricky one to get your foot in the door, I can tell you.”

Yeah. Thanks.

Well after months of this dispiriting mentality dousing my ambitions, Summer School has really cemented in my mind the possibility of a career in advertising. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone interested in the industry – so go check it out, as there’s a range of placement positions available: Account Handling, Planning, Copywriting, Design, Animation, Digital… the world’s your lobster…

So from me I’d just like to say thanks d.fferent, it’s been swell. A shout out to Lauren for her lovely emails, Laura for showing me round and looking after me, to Rachael for giving me some exciting projects to stick my teeth into and Mell for keeping track of us Summer Schoolers and our blogging, as well as some serious GoT appreciation. I’m so happy I’ve found another Cersei fan…

And a special great big thank you to Joe for all the cups of tea, cheers. You were a great desk buddy. Sometimes I’d even arrive in the morning to a lovely hot cuppa just waiting for me on my desk! The man’s a hero.

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