A downloadable rundown on content marketing

A downloadable rundown on content marketing

Content marketing is one of several Big Deals in the marketing world at the moment.

But like anything new, navigating the technical vocabulary of content marketing can be confusing.

This guide came about because in our travels we encountered dozens of new and obscure terms, most of which had perfectly simple definitions. A few of them don’t, but you can’t have everything.

Consider this hand-me-down knowledge. We made this guide so that with a quick cmd+f you understand a bit better, and more quickly than we did. We hope it’s a useful starting point in your quest to sort things out.*

We can’t include every content marketing buzzword

As we type this sentence five more terms are being invented and misused. If you’re quiet you can hear the English language complain as we abuse it.

What we’re trying to say is that this won’t be comprehensive, but it will be useful. That’s all we’re aiming for.

  •  Browse our searchable online PDF below (click for full screen)


  • Download the full PDF for content marketing wisdom on the go. It’s just over 8MB. Make sure you’re on the wi-fi.

*With content marketing, not life. We’re only human.

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