Creative Newcastle is building a creative super cluster

Creative Newcastle is building a creative super cluster

Creative Newcastle was our region’s first stab at establishing a collaborative network, and it went brilliantly, so we’re doing it again.

The theme of the next event, held on 26th November at Tech North, will be ‘Let’s make a creative city’. Now that the idea of establishing a creativity cluster in the region is popular, it’s time to get the ball rolling on a cohesive plan of action.

The creative might of the attendees will help map out a ‘geordiefesto’ for Creative Newcastle. This will be when we collectively decide what precisely Creative Newcastle should be.

Register to attend Creative Newcastle here.

Basically, the Creative Newcastle initiative aims to:

  • Build recognition of the North East as a leading creative cluster in the UK and beyond
  • Increase access to funding for North East creative businesses
  • Build a sense of creative community, belonging, and connectivity
  • Connect creative business with talent
  • Be a leading city region for digital infrastructure in the UK

A geordiefesto will get down to the specifics and give the city a cohesive mission statement.

The last event attracted 120 creative, techy, digitally-minded bods from tech, gaming, creative ad agencies, media owners, design agencies and everything in between. In other words, the perfect ingredients for creating a roadmap for a more connected creative city.

The night will focus on four key areas for inspiration and development. Subsequent events will focus on one strange, e.g. the March 2016 event will hone in directly on talent.

Talent and Education

Rob Earnshaw from Creative North will discuss the question “Are we being left behind?” on education and development.

A region needs to retain the talent it inspires and trains to buils a reputation as a super cluster of creative talent, and what’s what Creative Newcastle aims to do.

International Export

Sarat Pediredla of Hedgehog Labs will talk about his recently launched Geordie Post-PC agency in the USA.

If the North East is to give London and other creative clusters a run for their money, we need to be more confident about exporting outside of the UK. Sarat will tell us how he did it.

Digital Infrastructure

If you want a build a world class digital infrastructure, you need to know what it looks like. Jim Mawdsley and Paul Lancaster from Digital Union and Tech North respectively let us know.


Ben, our CEO will talk the attendees through the process of creating a creative city brand. How will Creative Newcastle look to the world?


If you want to attend the event, RSVP here.

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