Summer School: CV Steroids

Summer School: CV Steroids

After graduating from uni, it quickly became obvious that experience is key when it comes to getting a job in the creative industries.

I graduated in 2015 and have worked tenaciously since then to get my foot through the door of as many North East agencies as possible.

Which is how I wound up applying for Summer School.

The application process was quite the test and certainly separates the strong from the weak. I applied for copywriting and design but actually ended up in copywriting and art direction. Who knew?

Week 1

They split my Summer School so I had a week of copy and a week of art directing.  My mentors were very keen on generating new material to fill my portfolio which is exactly what I needed.

My first week was with the copy team and I couldn’t have joined at a better time.

I was very lucky for two reasons: 

  1. I joined the team at the beginning of a brief, selling washing machines, so I got to sit at the table with the big wigs and see a new brief come in and work through it with everyone. 
  2. I also joined on the day of the first ever Monday morning power breakfast. Yummmmm.

Breakfast time! Please note the 5:3 pastry to fruit ratio.

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My week in copy was a fantastic experience. I’d done copy at other agencies before but so far it had only been for print; getting to work on TV and radio scripts was a first. There were a lot of new lessons to learn but thanks to the help of fantastic mentors, Oeil and Sue, I got to grips with it quickly.

In between selling washing machines and water bottles I had various other little tasks to complete. I had the pleasure of taking over Twitter for a day, taking a death by gif approach to social media. I got to visit Re:Production a couple of times, recording voice-overs for ads and animatics.

Summer School Week 2

My second week gave me quite a bit of variety, I still had copywriting work to do, some art directing and a bit of design thrown on top for good measure. The whole team at different are very welcoming and encouraging.

My desk was stuck next to the kettle – a third reason why I got lucky. Everyone who wandered over to make coffee offered advice and commented on my work;  so I learned from a lot of people and drank a lot of coffee.

My two weeks at Everything Different went over much too quickly; I feel like I’ve made the most out of my time here, met some fantastic creative wizards and worked on some wonderfully interesting briefs. The new additions to my portfolio are going to give me a sharp edge in my future job applications.

The end

Before I wrap things up, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked with me over the past couple of weeks, you were all very nice to the new guy, and have made this experience a great adventure. A special thanks to Sue and Oeil for taking me under their wing and improving the quality of my writing, I’m geet mint at it now and stuff.

Two weeks may not seem like much but it was more than enough to take a head-first dive in to one of the North-East’s biggest agencies. The place is a hive of activity and I would highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is trying to find their feet in the competitive creative industry.

Many thanks to everyone!

by Jonny Bell

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