Just kidding

Just kidding

DFDS celebrated April Fools with a great big fib, and an invented porpoise. The Northern Tusked Porpoise absolutely does not exist, and yet for a few fantastic hours on April 1st, the creature appeared in The Huffington Post, Telegraph.co.uk, and Yahoo.com, to name a few.

It got over 12.5 million views in the press alone, as well as causing a bit of a stir on DFDS’ and ORCA’s (their partner charity) web presences.

We’ve worked with DFDS for years, and they’re one of the largest shipping companies in Europe, so it makes sense that they’d create a story on the same scale.

They operate daily between Newcastle and Amsterdam, and with ORCA wildlife charity on board, they perform crucial conservation work in the North Sea too.

The prank was designed to raise awareness of this great work, with the invention of a new species of porpoise. The Northern Tusked porpoise is pink, has tusks and suffers from being 100% fictional. Fortunately we had CGI and photoshop on our side, so a little thing like ‘reality’ wasn’t going to stop us.

Even Michaela Strachan got in on the fun, adding credibility to the story, and raising the profile still further.

The Huffington PostTelegraph.co.ukYahoo.com  & the story was covered on Dailystar.co.uk as an individual feature.

Our CEO, Ben Quigley, said:  ‘We are always looking to break new ground at Everything Different using creativity, tech and insight. Now it appears we are even creating new species of animal.’

The whole thing was a team effort, as we worked with DFDS’ PR agency Rooster and North East production house RE:production.

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