2 ships in time lapse for DFDS Seaways

2 ships in time lapse for DFDS Seaways

With two new ships and a huge refurbishment project ahead of them, DFDS Seaways saw the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just how much work goes into getting their fleet up to standard.

They wanted to document the whole process to show their dedication to a gorgeous on-board experience and introduce the Côte des Dunes and Côte des Flandres to the world.

Through the magic of time lapse, we produced a video that shows the ships being gutted before the team behind the new look get in there to replace the floors, walls, ceilings and windows that were ripped out just seconds before.

The vessels went from the branding of their former owner to fully primed, completely refurbished top-of-the-line DFDS Seaways Ships, and we caught all of it. Including:

  • 11,000 m2 of new flooring
  • 2,470 chairs
  • 30 TVs
  • 880 metres of LED rope lights
  • 21km metres of electric and data cables
  • 34,000 litres of paint

It’s not often you get to see the undertakings of such a huge process (when’s the last time Grand Designs did a ship, eh?) and we managed to cram over 60 000 working hours into 3 minutes.

Pretty decent going, really.

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