The Stampede

The Stampede

All the way back in July, Marko recruited a team for the 10k Stampede for British Heart Foundation.

Seven d.fferent bods, from digital, studio, design and creative signed up, under the impression that this was definitely a 6-mile adventure/problem for their future selves.

Last Sunday Marko, Oeil, Carl, Adrian, Pauly, Jordan and Ian started full of enthusiasm and clean clothing, and ended tired, cold and muddy. But the warm glow of a charitable deed was definitely enough to keep away the chill.


Here’s how Oeil got on, anyway.

The Stampede

The last time I ran for more than 1 minute was 7 years ago in high school PE class. It is safe to say that running is my least favourite activity, ever.

Signing up for the Newcastle Stampede was a result of momentary recklessness. A second of brainfart, paid for by 2 hours of intense pain. 

You see, I had recently adopted a new life goal: to say yes to any opportunity offered to me. The Stampede seemed to have fallen into that category.

Now I will have to amend that goal. Add some T&Cs: *Excludes all forms of running. Especially 10k Sunday-morning-mid-October running.

But I did it and finished it too. I owe it to two reasons:

  1. Marko, who kept pushing me to keep jogging throughout.
  2. I kept reminding myself that I was the only girl on our team. I had to represent.

Everyone else on the team did a really, really good job. *Insert thumbs up* Although Pauly did convince himself he was having a stroke afterwards.

I must admit, the obstacles were a lot of fun, but let someone else take my place on the team next year and I’ll stick to food-related activities for a while.

In order: Oeil, Jordan, Carl, Pauly, Adrian, Marko and Ian

stampede 4stampede 2 stampede 3 stampede 5 Stampede 6 Stampede 7 Stampede 8

Thanks to Kieran Daysh for letting us use his images.

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