differentology’s award winning geekery

differentology’s award winning geekery

d.fferento/ogy’s work with Sky and Havas Media received an IAB Europe Mobile Research award this week, a prestigious recognition of their contribution to mobile research.

The IAB Europe Awards were established five years ago to recognise the increasingly important contribution research was making to digital marketing. If it was true five years ago, it’s gospel in 2015, with d.fferento/ogy proving the huge impact the right data and insight can make.

Now for a bit of geekery.

Historically, online advertising research studies have relied on exposing respondents to ad stimulus directly, by inserting test adverts into mocked up websites and directing people to visit the test site.

It’s a false viewing environment, and this constructed test can have huge effects on the data.

More recently, cookies on PCs and laptops have been used to passively track real time ad exposure.

By drawing a sample of ‘exposed’ and ‘unexposed’ people from our panel, and asking them about a brand, we can identify the brand uplift that results directly from the campaign.

Problem solved! Almost.

The new problem facing researchers today is the inability to track cookies on mobile, a platform whose importance has sky-rocketed in the last few years.

d.fferento/ogy’s new innovative research methodology solved this problem.

“By working with Sky’s ad tech team, we were able to harness the power of ‘ad retargeting’, creating exposed and unexposed groups as users went about their everyday app experiences. A comparison of these groups allowed partner advertisers Nationwide, Dominos, and Bird’s Eye to measure the effectiveness of their in-app brand advertising for the first time,” said Mark James, director of insight at d.fferento/ogy.

He continued: “As a result, ‘Mobilizing the facts – using a cutting-edge method to measure the effectiveness of mobile’ thus became a groundbreaking ‘media research first’. We’re delighted to have won, and really proud that our work has received recognition on this scale.”

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