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IPA AdMission internships
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Summertime STEM with IPA AdMission

This summer at Different Towers we'll host STEM interns from the IPA AdMission programme.

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Why Apple (probably) finally joined Twitter

Apple have been a longstanding anomaly in the world of social media, but that might be about to change.

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Reasons the IOC shouldn’t have banned gifs at Rio 2016

You’ve probably noticed something missing if you’re following the Olympics online. We’ll save you some time. It’s gifs.

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Snapchat patents image recognition for brands

File under: Cool things brands might be able to do in the future. Snapchat allows brands to reach 100 million...


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4-5 The bridges edit magazine
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Design online

The Bridges is Sunderland central shopping hub. It boasts over 100 stores and welcomes millions of visitors each year. They wanted a new way to engage with their shoppers, and showcase the trends and style available in-centre. So they came to us with a new design project.

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Girls first

PMM A6 Postcard Newcastle uni
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Designing a difference

ATOL Justine Case
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Justine Case, pack peace of mind

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Autumn/Winter full of wonder



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Our TV showreel


Making TV is a kind of alchemy. We love all that putting together of creative minds, artistic talents, technical skills. Careful casting. Scene setting. Story telling. All fired by the spark of a great idea. Here are some we did earlier.

what is e>erything d.fferent?

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e>erythingd.fferent is a creative, technology and insight agency always ready to be blind-sided by something we never saw coming. To be excited by the unexpected. It’s our philosophy. Our ethos. Our creative game plan.

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