Different Outcome helps Gateshead Stadium Netball Club

Different Outcome helps Gateshead Stadium Netball Club

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Earlier this year Kaara, one of our senior designers, frantically sold raffle tickets around the office. So frantically that she had to get another book to keep up with demand.

We love a raffle.

Kaara was fundraising for her team, Gateshead Stadium Netball Club.

The team fundraise every year, but this year the funds were vital as some [swearword redacted] broke into their equipment cage and took most of their kit.

The loss of equipment was a huge blow for a busy team. They have 60 affiliated members in their adult and junior teams, and at least three games a week, across four different leagues. It scuppered their plans for the fundraising money. They’d need to spend it replacing lost equipment.

Different Outcome save the day/team

As a  lifelong netball nut, and current member of GSNC’s 2nd team, Kaara was really enthused about the opportunity to help the club:

“Its been a blast. It’s a great club, everyone is really nice and I’ve made some cracking friends. I have a loooooong way to go to get myself back to being a decent player but its really good fun with four coaches who give up a lot of their time to coach a pretty big club.”

Fortunately, her raffle fever brought the club to our directors’ notice, and they offered extra help.

What the team needed most was new kit, so via Different Outcome, our charitable brand, we sponsored the club to get the 1st and 2nd regional teams new dresses. 

New kit means they can spend the money raised by the raffle to replace the equipment, get a new cage and more locks to stop it happening again. They could even subsidise the rest of the teams to have dresses of their own, so now the whole club is kitted out.

According to Kaara: “The club is super grateful for the help. Now we can focus on the game and not how to pay for it!”

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