How to become… a developer

How to become… a developer

Carl is our resident fountain of code (interactive developer, officially). He has this advice for budding developers. It’s short and to the point, but covers the important bits. Our other advice for grads can be found at that link.

Here’s a wee list for budding developer-types.

Be curious

If you see something interesting, work out how it’s done by reverse engineering it using demos and tutorials if need be. Pulling stuff apart piece by piece until you’re left with the raw inner-workings.

Be logical

It’s nice to have a balance between logical thinking and creative thinking. Understanding creativity is important, but logical thinking is how computers work, it’s how software and web sites work too. You need to ‘get’ that too.

Be bold

Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean it’s functional. As a developer-type, it’s your job to identify functional holes in digital design and call them out.

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