Impact, Communication, Persuasion

Impact, Communication, Persuasion

Our creative director Marko visited Northumbria University last week to chat with students on how to make it in the marketing industry.

Helping out the talent of tomorrow is part of our missions statement, it’s why d.fferent outcome exists, and after 30+ years in the industry Marko has more than enough wisdom to share.

40 students attended the session; a mix of potential planners, strategists, copywriters and art directors.

The challenge

Marko set them on a task to work through two client briefs and come up with six ideas for the final pitch.

The briefs were long, there were a million things to say, but budgets, time and available media didn’t leave room to say them all. The students will get their whole 11-week term to produce the creative, in contrast with the eight days we got when we worked on the same briefs.

The idea was to present the range of problems that agencies often have to deal with to give the students a glimpse at the real world. It was up to them to decide where to focus, which problems to tackle, which ideas to pursue and what to axe.

A conversation 

Student: How do you come up with different ideas all the time for clients, do you have a technique?

Marko: We’ve tried assorts over the years, huge group brain storming sessions, mind maps, word associations, but I’ve always found the best way is to come in, sit at your desk, read the brief and think of a good idea. Simple as that.

Still Marko: As a student, over 30 years ago, I attended a talk by Dave Trott, and three things he said that have stayed with me: Impact, Communication and Persuasion. It’s simple logic, but something that is forgotten in our industry on a daily basis. Even in this digital age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the principles don’t change.

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