Summertime STEM with IPA AdMission

Summertime STEM with IPA AdMission

This summer at Different Towers we’ll host STEM interns from the IPA AdMission programme.

In a program specifically geared to get more skilled grads from science, technology, engineering and maths fields into our industry, the IPA has teamed up with agencies and universities all over the UK to pair talented grads with ideal work experience opportunities.

The digital transformation in advertising means that the number of careers on offer in the industry is growing constantly, and some of them are jobs that have just been invented.

As well as account management and planning roles, there are data analytics, econometrics, UX planning, digital strategy, web and app development and creative planning roles available in agencies nationwide. These are less established, but increasingly vital, roles in the industry.

We’re thrilled that the industry is reaching out to grads with non-traditional degrees (at least as far as advertising is concerned).

We’re doing our bit by taking digital strategists and data analysts on for six weeks. It’s a paid scheme, which means they get a running start to their career, and are financially stable to boot!

We can’t wait to get started.

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