Research uncovers the power of the mobile mindset

Research uncovers the power of the mobile mindset

differentology’s research for Havas Media Group and Sky Media uncovered some amazing things about mobile advertising. (As you will be aware if you’ve met The Mobilizer.)

Measuring mobile advertising effectiveness has always had an obstacle in that cookies cannot be tracked on the platform. This is a key method of measuring other online ads.

However, innovative new technology meant that differentology could test mobile ad effectiveness in a range of tests, in a live environment and in a lab. They looked at uncommonly used ad formats in Sky smartphone apps and uncovered remarkable results. The study featured ads from Birds Eye, Dominoes and Nationwide.

It turns out that advertising on mobile is the same as on any other platform, in one respect at least. Innovative, creative and intriguing ads can achieve the best results with significant cut through.

  • All three brands showed a 13 per cent uplift in brand perception after exposure to mobile advertising, and 9 per cent in brand consideration.
  • Native mobile ads annoy people less than others and are considered more unique, relevant and engaging than standard banner ads
  • People are 70 per cent more likely to act on an ad when they’re feeling enthusiastic and excited, and this mindset can also affect how well they take on board the message and brand within the ad. On a platform people use to socialize, this could be valuable knowledge for mobile advertisers.
  • The study also found that interactive ads were much more likely to invoke some sort of active response from people, and were seen as more engaging and relevant.

This is all valuable stuff for mobile advertisers, but it’s a lot to take on board. Fortunately differentology recruited The Mobilizer to get the message out there.

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