Monday morning win

Monday morning win

I was recently asked to go along to Newcastle College to give a presentation to the FdA Business Management students as an industry expert (eek).

I was met by 40ish extra-fresh-faced freshers which I was really pretty impressed with given that it was 11am on a rainy Monday and I was probably competing with a duvet and an hour of Jeremy Kyle.

Talk about a reality check

My previous experience of university presentations involved scribbling as neatly as possible on an acetate and cranking up a projector with a fan that sounded like a 747.

Things have changed. Smart screen this, touch screen that… I’m relatively techy and I still managed to mess up the forward and back touch screen on every slide transition. Smooth.

Technology malfunction aside, I was there to tell the group how my business management degree got me where I am now (Senior Client Director, if you didn’t know).

I went over the path I took after graduating and where my career has taken me since.

I also gave them a sneak peek of one of our AW15 campaigns as a working example of what we do to deliver a big, complex brand campaign. I made sure that they understood the different roles within an advertising agency, and how each one contributed to the campaign.

The students were really engaged with what I had to say and asked a lot of really valid questions. For me it was really important to outline what advertising is all about, what we do, why we do it and the opportunities available to graduates.

Most of the students seemed pretty interested in some hands on experience at Summer School. And for anybody that couldn’t wait until next year I offered an agency tour “backstage” so they could get a better idea of the inner workings of the industry. Gotta love a school trip.


Knighty feeling old and technologically incompetent + excitable students = Monday morning win

The students seem to think so too. Students like Thea Van Der Velde who said: ‘It was great having Claire in to talk about what Different do and what her job entails. It’s important to apply the learning from our business course to real life work situations. Thank you Claire for giving us your time. It was truly inspiring and a great learning experience for us all.”

There’s no higher praise than from your program leader, and Rebecca Dutson who leads the FdA business management course had this to say:

“Guest speakers are an integral part to the programme as they bring a “realness” to the theoretical side which I teach, also they like to see another face in the classroom!

“Claire was incredibly well received and had the undivided attention of the class which is almost unheard of during a Monday morning class; many of the students have been to see me to discuss their interest in finding out more about d.fferent summer school. Thanks so much for taking the time to come and speak to us and we are so looking forward to our visit.”


by Knighty

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  1. Wow, go Knighty!

    This is brilliant and obviously exceptionally important for students. Wish there was a Knighty about when I was at uni!

    Well done :-)