Newbies of the year (so far)

Newbies of the year (so far)

It’s been a while since our latest newbie round up, so long that many newbies are now in fact ancient oldies and it’s not practical to call them newbies anymore.

We’re getting back into the habit of showcasing our talented new hires, so here’s a selection of the most recent newbies harvested across the summer and autumn months of 2015.

Lizzie joined us in October, she’s a Business Strategist


Before d.fferent I worked in a brand consultancy which was all about the ‘thinking’. I’d spend days holed up in a room surrounded by post it notes and whiteboards debating theoretical situations (often with little application).

The exciting thing (and main thing I’ve noticed) about d.fferent is how much ‘do-ing’ there is.  People are executing ‘stuff’ from the account handlers to the creatives, and there’s a tangible output rather than just a series of scribbles on a white board. So my first few weeks have been spent getting my head around the fact we actually ‘do’ stuff, rather than just chatting (aka arguing) about it.

Mike Roberts joined us in June after a successful work placement.

And then another one. He’s a client partner.


Everything is fast. Like… really fast. Everything is at 100 mph, but that’s what makes it engaging. No day is the same as last. It helps that everyone that works here is lovely too. Regardless of how busy or stressed someone may be, they’ve always got time for you.

Shauna Hambley joined the design team in September. 


I met Gemma (from the design team) at my final show at uni. She was talking to one of my tutors asking to speak to me but I’d left (to go to Asda, if you’re curious). I turned the car around, had a chat, then emailed Ian and landed an interview the next week. I’m so pleased I turned that car around!

So my first couple of weeks have been crazy, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Everyone has been really lovely, I’ve never really felt like the new person which helps! 


Rebecca Scott got here in October. She’s a client partner.


I’ve loved my time at d.fferent so far. Everyone here is so lovely, and the office has a nice creative buzz about it. It seems like it’s something different every day, and I’m excited to see what the role will bring in the future. 

Jess Howey joined us in October, she’s a client partner.


I’ve had such a positive start at d.fferent. I even got a personalised mug (it’s the little things that matter!). The environment and culture is very welcoming and calm, quite different to my previous experience in recruitment! I am a recent graduate from the University of Leeds. I studied a creative degree in Managing Performance.

Amy Rodway also joined us in October and is also a client partner


I graduated from Newcastle University this July, with a relatively recent marketing career goal I never imagined I’d be working in such a well-established, vibrant Marketing & Advertising Agency so soon! I have quickly come to realise that d.fferent is the perfect environment for me to grow both personally and professionally (Soon to be physically – off for my second work lunch within 2 weeks. Yay!)


Hannah Brear joined d.fferento/ogy earlier this year as a research and insight client partner



I love my role in differentology as I get to work on every stage of a research project from brief to presentation of the results. I can get really invested and excited about what I’m working on.

I studied a BSc in Psychology at the University of York. All the knowledge from that translated easily into my role, from an in depth knowledge of statistics to why people respond in a certain way. 

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