Future fuel

Future fuel

We stopped by Newcastle High School for Girls‘ Career Connect fair because we’re pretty keen on helping out the marketeers of the future here at d.fferent.

It’s why we run Summer School, it’s why we’re involved with Creative Newcastle, it’s why we stop by and offer wisdom at local universities.

As the school’s client partner at the agency, Emma was asked to give a presentation for the girls and their parents about what we do as a company, what sort of careers are available in marketing, and how exactly to go about getting one of them.


There were technical issues (aren’t there always?) but Emma’s talk stirred up a lot of interest. The everything different table, held by Emma and Mell, was besieged by interested kids and parents almost immediately after the talk.

Some girls just wanted to know what we did, what they could do and what sort of roles were available, while others had an exact path in mind and wanted advice on work experience and useful contacts.

Frankly, they were better prepared than us.

We were asked over and over how to get into marketing, what sort of roles were available for x, y & z skill, including a great deal of interest in “maths and stuff.”

Most girls were delighted to learn they could do something different* and media related with a maths or science degree. differentology got a lot of attention.

You do not need to move to London to have a successful career in the creative industries.

There was one thing missing from our table, which was a banner reading “You do not need to move to London to have a successful career in the creative industries.” A lot of girls and parents were pleasantly surprised to hear that the North East has a thriving creative industry, a gratifying testament to the need for Creative Newcastle.

Maybe now some of them will plan to stick around, goodness knows their talent would be a boon.



*no pun intended, sometimes it’s just a useful word

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