Christmas magic managed

Christmas magic managed

We got an early Christmas present this year when our clients, suppliers and miscellaneous do-gooders helped us completely obliterate our target to contribute 500 items to Newcastle West End Food Bank.

With huge thanks to:

Our wonderful client Nuby

An equally fabulous Anonymous Tinned Fruit Donor

The amazing Kerry from the Entrepreneur’s Forum

The incredible Simon Forster from Facebook

The excellent Brenda from the local authorities

And obvs. the amazing people here at everything different…

we gathered 644 items.

That’s about 130% of our total

Pleased is NOT the word. Well it is, but there are loads more too.

Nuby sent us an actual mountain of their fantastic baby beakers, soothers, toys, harnesses and other goodies for the littluns.

Our mysterious Tinned Fruit Donor sent us two crates via Amazon.

Kerry brought us more tea and biscuits than you can shake a stick at, and more goodies besides.

Simon Forster sent 80 (yes, 80) tins of rice pudding.

Brenda brought us a huge bag, with a bit of everything from our must-have list.

And then of course our daily contributions soon packed out the shelves to achieve our amazing total.

If you want to help the food bank and its vital work in our city, check them out over at the Newcastle West End Food Bank website.

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