Gateshead Stadium Netball team with their sponsor logo
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Different Outcome helps Gateshead Stadium Netball Club

What they needed most was new kit, so via different outcome, our charitable brand, we sponsored the club to get...

differentology IAB mobile advertising research
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differentology’s study to save mobile advertising

A differentology study on behalf of IAB has revealed how brands can save their mobile advertising from the rise of...

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differentology’s award winning geekery

d.fferento/ogy’s work with Sky and Havas Media received an IAB Europe Mobile Research award this week, a prestigious recognition of...

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We’re still different

Another look back at d.fferent's evolution over the past 15 years. This time it's from from another one of the...

AV Ilango bull painting
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Something a bit different…

jenny packham creative
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Exclusive, different, dotty

In Spring 2013 Lancôme teamed up for a second time with renowned fashion designer Jenny Packham to design a bespoke...

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Just kidding

With our help, DFDS celebrated April Fools with a great big fib, and an invented porpoise.

IPA AdMission internships
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Summertime STEM with IPA AdMission

This summer at Different Towers we'll host STEM interns from the IPA AdMission programme.

Christmas Collection 2016
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Christmas magic managed

We got an early Christmas present this year by completely obliterating our target to contribute 350 items to Newcastle West...

This is Durham Place of Light video
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Place of Light

Responsible Rebels The New Mainstream
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The New Mainstream

Time Inc are one of the largest branded media companies in the world, and they aimed to challenge the stereotypes...

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Help the Newcastle West End food bank.

Help us spread Christmas magic in Newcastle by donating festive food and essentials items to the Newcastle West End...

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Reaching with radio

Typically radio advertising is used for tactical messaging, so when it came to brand campaigns our client Radiocentre identified a...

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Radio advertising “20% more cost effective” at building brands

Our research brand differentology's latest project has a great write up in Campaign Live.

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The 2016 newbie haul

2016 has been generous in three respects: Celebrity deaths Stressed out politicians Newbies in our offices

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A trippy journey (AKA: a good start)

Jacob came to us as a Summer School 2016 student, and we set about teaching him the ins and outs...

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Reasons the IOC shouldn’t have banned gifs at Rio 2016

You’ve probably noticed something missing if you’re following the Olympics online. We’ll save you some time. It’s gifs.

Sian summer school 2016
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Learn a lot, try a lot

Apparently people don’t usually tick four options to participate in on the application form but there is a first for...

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Snapchat patents image recognition for brands

File under: Cool things brands might be able to do in the future. Snapchat allows brands to reach 100 million...

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A journey of bands to brands

The other week I attended the IPA Commercial Conference on how the ad industry can stop giving its best ideas...

Oeil and Jonny at everything different summer school
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CV Steroids

Jonny joined us for Summer School 2016. This is what happened.

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VICTORY at Digital Union Summer Netogether

On July 14th Newcastle was treated to the spectacle of the first Digital Union Summer Netogether.

Chewbacca mom Facebook Live
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Five reasons you should be live streaming

It started with Meerkat and Periscope (an app bought Twitter before it even launched), which meant a lot of experimentation...

Facebook chatbot example
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Why are chatbots suddenly such a big deal?

So far 2016 (which we're almost halfway through, if you fancy doing a small double-take) has undoubtedly been the year...

L'oreal Hair Fashion Night exterior banner
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Welcome to Hair Fashion Night

L'Oréal Professionnel‎‘s very first Hair Fashion Night came to London and 24 other cities all over the world featuring 10,000...

Facebook Reactions
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The reaction to Facebook Reactions

How have users reacted to the introduction of Facebook Reactions?

SXSW jess Virtual reality
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#IPASXSW comes to the NE

#IPASXSW paid a visit to everything different to give a rundown of the key takeaway points from the world's most...

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The dizzy heights of chuffdom

Employee Of The Month! Wow!

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A Texan Story

A year on from SXSW, we proudly introduce 'Different Story' as the latest addition to our Everything Different family....

Conscious capitalism IPA
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The dawn of conscious capitalism

Conscious capitalism is the next step in the IPA's Here for Good agenda.

IPA 2015 review
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The IPA’s 2015 will take some beating

It's March and we've just gotten our hands on the IPA 2015 review.

skeptical kid adblock
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Adblock measures welcomed by the IPA

As advertisers and media owners alike come to terms with the rise of adblocking as a serious problem, it’s inevitable...

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Facebook becomes more brand friendly

Facebook announced two big Newsfeed changes this week that make it even more brand-friendly.

green and blacks
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Green & Black’s & brand management

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2 ships in time lapse

With two new ships in the fleet, DFDS Seaways saw the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how much work goes into...

via Angie Garrett on Flickr:
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IPA on a mission for equality

The gender pay gap was the IPA's latest target in the fight to make advertising more diverse. But it won't...

Creative Newcastle Map
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Creative Newcastle meets Get Digital

If the idea of Creative Newcastle is new to you, just rest assured that it’s exactly what creative industries in...

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Future fuel

We stopped by Newcastle High School for Girls to offer career advice. It went well.

Frazer After Effects session
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d.fferent does After Effects

After Effects is industry standard software for animation, video editing and interactive design. It’s dead good.

awesome face
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What Ellie did

Ellie joined us for a week of work experience getting to grips with content marketing.

Summer school 2016
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Applications for 2016 are now closed

Summer School is back!

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Impact, Communication, Persuasion

Our creative director Marko visited Northumbria University last week to chat with students on how to make it in the...

Royal mail bee stamps
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Stamping on bees vs. Beeing on stamps

We are different social video
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we @re d.fferent

Change. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s just as well really, because there’s nowhere changing faster than the strange realm of...

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d.fferent Save the Children

Every Christmas at d.fferent towers we pick a cause and pour cash and festive goodwill in its direction. 2015 is...

Jack Twitter CEO 10k
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How #Twitter10k will change Twitter strategy

Twitter has announced plans to up the character limit for tweets to 10 000, which naturally caused #Twitter10k to...

This girl Can screengrab
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Probable trends of 2016

Here are our best guesses as to what will affect marketing, retail, content marketing, social media, tech and just about...

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Christmas…by St David’s (and us)

St David’s Cardiff is the biggest shopping centre in Wales and is one of the leading retail destinations in the...

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Long live the day

In May 2015 we began creative development to refresh the Alive After 5, Get Into Newcastle campaign.

Save all the species
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Content in 2015: The good, the weird, and the viral

We've boiled our favourite internet content of the year into three categories: the good, the weird, and the viral.

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Can we predict the future?

At the beginning of this year, bright-eyed and full of optimism, we looked at what industry leaders were predicting for...

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2015: Done and dusted

2015 is over and done with. This is (more or less) what happened here at everything different

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Opportunities ahead

We were set the challenge of helping Newcastle High School for Girls stand out in an extremely competitive environment.

John Henderson black friday flickr
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Lack of brawling on UK’s Black Friday

So, you might have missed it, but Black Friday happened. Last year we covered the chaos and fears that massive...

Creative North
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Creative Newcastle round up

Ben lead another round of Creative Newcastle on Thursday. We created a Storify of the event, which covers…more or less...

Team d.fferent at The Drum Content Awards
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The Mobilizer strikes again

d.fferento/ogy’s double-award winning work with Sky Media and Havas Media just became a triple-award winner with The Mobilizer. Bam.

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Autumn highlights

Autumn 2015 marks a year since we first evolved our Barker and Stonehouse self-expression brand campaign.

Ben Bunny ears
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IPA West Coast Mission

Ben joined others from the IPA on their mission to the West Coast and Silicon Valley to get up to...

IPA trend workshop
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Trendy IPA training

Mell was one of a whole hatful of d.fferent bods who attended the IPA’s On Trend, Off Road Workshop hosted...

Creative Newcastle Map
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Newcastle will build a creative super cluster

Creative Newcastle was our region’s first stab at establishing a collaborative network, and it went brilliantly, so we’re doing it...

adidas logo
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Adidas offers design freebies for offensive mascots

Adidas are offering design services for free to any High School who wants to change its offensive mascot.

UNICEF ad block ad
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UNICEF bypass the ad blockers

UNICEF have used an ingenious tactic to beat ad blockers, one that's sure to make other charities pay attention.

Sergey Galyonkin flickr oculus
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Apple, Tommy Hilfiger and virtual reality tech

The virtual reality bandwagon has trundled into marketing territory and picked up Apple and Tommy Hilfiger

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U know best

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Barbie has been redefined…kind of

Barbie and her parent brand Mattel started a long journey this year to become associated with "positive values".

Nuby video screengrab
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Nuby knows you know best

With a great Nuby UK brand campaign launch behind us, we launched the content-focused next stage earlier this week.

jess shauna lizzie amy rebecca mike hannah
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Newbies of the year (so far)

It's been a while since our latest newbie round up, so long that many newbies are now in fact ancient...

Stampede 16
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The Stampede

All the way back in July, Marko recruited a team for the 10k Stampede for British Heart Foundation.

Facebook retail mock up
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Facebook joins the pre-christmas rush of mobile retail

Facebook revealed its brand new e-commerce offer on Monday. Or more strictly speaking, m-commerce (mobile commerce, if you didn't...

Claire Newcastle College tweet
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Monday morning win

I was recently asked to go along to Newcastle College to give a presentation to the FdA Business Management students...

Content dictionary front page jpeg
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Our content marketing dictionary

Content marketing is one of several Big Deals in the marketing world at the moment. Like anything new, navigating the...

Rugby-World-Cup rugby ball with Newcastle Upon Tyne
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The Tyne is Now for the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup has landed on NewcastleGateshead’s doorstep. And the city is chuffed.

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The Drum content awards nominations (two for us!)

The Drum Content Awards are brand new for 2015, and we’re delighted (to put it mildly) to be nominated in...

Carolyn Everson Facebook
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5 ways to optimise your mobile video content

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Free knowledge: The 12 Principles of Animation

connected image flickr auspices
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The internet of things just got safer

In London on Wednesday more than thirty tech companies came together to launch the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF)....

A drone with several arms holds a large camera against a clear blue sky
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The bleak future of TV advertising

Sixty years ago the UK aired its first TV commercial.

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Nescafe migrates to tumblr

Nescafe has killed its brand websites and brought all of its online content to Tumblr. This is a bold move,...

Movember mental health
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Social media is good for mental health

A study by Glasgow University showed a positive correlation between social media use late at night and poor mental health...

Northumberland Ben blog
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Northumberland tourism: Force for good

In 2012, Ben was made non-executive director to the board of Northumberland Tourism, who better to give us the inside...

Burger King Peace Burger
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McDonald’s kills the McWhopper [updated]

It's Peace Day on 21st September. To honour this and raise awareness of this effort by the UN, Burger King...

yahoo mobile developers conference 2015
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Yahoo hails the mobile ultra-screen

Yahoo’s mobile developers conference last week, unsurprisingly, left us with a detailed sketch of how people are actually using their...

Summer school 2015 Charlotte Zena Andy and Bethan
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Cake and equal opportunities

My second week at summer school arrived with a live research brief for a real-life, actual client – a national...

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The phrase ‘thrown in the deep end’ seems to spring to mind for my first week at d.fferent’s Summer...

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Enjoy a visual feast, click here

Frazer spends a lot of time researching the most exciting in animation. It's his job to be part of it,...

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Not just the work experience boy

My short time at d.fferent (only a week), has felt more like a month! Not because it dragged, but because...

Rachael Smith blog post summer school 2015
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Practice makes perfect

I'll probably be remembered as ‘the girl who brought in cakes’ by d.fferent but cakes won’t be what I remember...

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Sail away

DFDS Seaways is one of the world’s leading ferry operators. Their mini cruises & ferry crossings send holidaymakers to Amsterdam,...

Oreo Lick Race Towie
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CAP update code with clarity for vloggers

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) have updated their guidelines for content marketing, vloggers and brands.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 09.37.58
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A Carpetright conversation

A couple of weeks ago we shared the great news that we had retained the Carpetright account following a creative...

Operation Creative image
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Operation Creative: reducing online crime

Advertising on illegal websites by big UK brands has dropped by 73% thanks to a multi-industry initiative, Operation Creative.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 14.54.58
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How to… get into the creative industries

We're at it again with the wisdom, providing knowledge and wisdom graduates (or anybody, really) who wants to break into...

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So how do people actually use smartphones?

Young people use their smartphone every other minute, more than 50% of them use WhatsApp, and 57% use their beloved...

how to become an account handler
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How to become…a client partner

Hello aspiring account handlers! Welcome to our slice of industry advice just for you.

samsonite billboard james wilson summer school
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True Works Of A(dve)rt(ising)

Our Summer School folk spend a lot of their time researching ads and finding inspiration. James shares some beautiful ads...

James Summer School 2015 copywriting
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Am I allowed to swear on here?

I haven’t seen Bill Murray or Yoda at e>erything d.fferent but who needs them?

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How to become… a developer

Carl is our resident fountain of code (interactive developer, officially). He has this advice for budding developers, it's short and...

Facebook promoted ad
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Everyone’s in

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Get wise to the giveaway guys

As online transactions settle themselves firmly everywhere from our email inbox to the phone in our pocket, NTSeCC make their...

Megan summer school
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All downhill from here

It’s been a fantastic two weeks at d.fferent. I’ve met some lovely people, learnt a ton about advertising, and drank...

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