Not just the work experience boy

Not just the work experience boy

My short time at d.fferent (only a week), has felt more like a month! Not because it dragged, but because I’ve learned so much that five days ago feels like four weeks ago!

At d.ifferent I’ve experienced what it’s like to work in a thriving office where everyone is friendly and welcoming. I’m currently between years 12 and 13 at sixth form so I’m completely new to this sort of environment.

I was nervous about walking into the office on day one but those fears disappeared within five minutes. The welcome you get instantly gives you so much confidence.

I met my mentors Claire K, Lucy and Laura, account handlers who liaise directly with clients. I got my own laptop and desk which instantly made me feel part of the team! I never once felt that I was the ‘work experience boy’, which was great .

The jobs I was given were significant research jobs, which had a direct impact on the work with clients. I helped on briefs for St David’s shopping centre, O2 Centre and NE1. It felt good to know that I was helping to contribute to real ad campaigns, which is not something you’d get to do on standard work experience.

What I enjoyed most is the wide range of experiences I was exposed to. On Tuesday I went down to re:production (a TV production company) with Claire. I watched and contributed in the editing of an animatic that was being sent to a client. It was intriguing to see how much precision was needed to make an advert.

On Wednesday I went back to re:production with Pauly to be part of production for a DFDS Seaways radio ad. When listening to ads on the radio you don’t bat an eye as to how it’s made, but when you see and hear it from scratch, with the script in front of you, hearing the voiceover artist speak, it really is something quite special.

My whole experience at d.ifferent has been unique and so interactive – I really wish I could spend longer here! I started the week shy, nervous and without a clue about marketing and advertising. I leave feeling like I can take on the client world and produce any ad that was asked of me.

If you’re not researching interesting facts, figures and images for a high profile client at summer school, you’re part of a production team making an advert, if you’re not in a meeting with some of the North East’s biggest marketing figures, you’re creating an ad which will be shown in cinemas and on televisions screens across the country.

Whatever you can do at d.ifferent, you can guarantee that it will be d.ifferent to anything you’ve ever done before.

by Patrick Hill

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