Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

I will probably be remembered as ‘the girl who brought in cakes’ by everyone here at d.fferent but cakes won’t be what I remember about my time at Summer School 2015.

Before I got here, my knowledge of advertising consisted of a borderline obsession with John Lewis ads and publicity for a University society.

So it’s safe to say that I came to d.fferent with no experience and a pretty irrelevant degree (sorry English Lit). I was scared that I’d have no idea what was going on. It is true that advertising has its own language (mainly consisting of abbreviations) but everyone really did help me learn and make the most of my experience.

I’ve even managed to get to grips with the software and write a Synergist brief all by myself. The designer understood it too! To be fair, it did take me several supervised attempts to get to this glory but practice makes perfect and all.

The best moments were when I got to interact with actual clients. I was trusted to research Christmas social campaign ideas format them into a PowerPoint and help present them to a client. It was such a great feeling to see the client react positively to my ideas and I felt like a proper member of the team rather than the awkwardly confused intern.

The only time I was confused was when we went to re:production (the radio and TV production) and I tried to understand how all the complicated bars on the screen corresponded to sound levels. But that was more of an awed confusion and was one of the most exciting moments of my placement. I got very lucky and was able to go down to re:production twice.

I also worked through client amends in a meeting, did absolutely loads of research, helped Mell with site content, worked my way through thousands of stock photos of babies to find the perfect shot for some conference displays and created a mood board of Autumn/Winter trends for St David’s.

Genuinely feel a bit tired after writing that, it was a mammoth list and only a snapshot of my experience here. I have genuinely had the best experience here, and kind of wish I was graduating, just so I could work here as an actual job.

I want to thank Joe for being a great mentor and letting me see what he was doing without making me feel like I was getting in the way, Mell for teaching me how to use the camera and sending brilliant gifs, Lucy and Claire (Knight) for giving me extra work (if I had capacity) and the whole d.fferent team for being incredibly supportive.

Rachael’s Summer School video diary is on its way too!

by Rachael Smith

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