Something a bit different…

Something a bit different…

Through d.fferent outc°me, our outreach company, we’re delighted to be connected to The Colour of Dance, a collaborative art event at Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden.

Taking place this Saturday 10th August, the event will feature Elena Catalano, an Odissi dancer and ethnomusicologist, and AV Ilango, an artist from Chennai, India.

The event will have no rehearsal or pre-set theme, and will simply be two artists responding to one another’s work. The event promises to be a spontaneous treat for audiences, with stunning visuals and exciting, inspiring movements.

Best of all, it’s free!

We were alerted to the event through our involvement with Catalano’s Kalashram project. The aim of this project is to bring art into the every day and at the heart of the community. She hopes to achieve this through creative practice, public engagement and active participation. We’ll be aiding with the development of branding and marketing assets across print and digital.

More details here.

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