Applications for 2016 are now closed

Applications for 2016 are now closed

Applications for 2016 are now closed. BRB. Reading applications.

The everything different summer school is back.

What is summer school?

Every year we offer intensive work experience for students who want to make it in the creative industries.

We offer two weeks of real work on live jobs in our Newcastle office, resulting in work-ready students with healthy CVs.

Take a look at the videos from last year to see what we mean <–

What do you want to do?

Summer School spaces are limited, although we have lots of teams to choose from. We’re open to students and recent graduates interested in (deep breath now)…

  • art direction Are you a visual communicator? Do you want to be involved in concept creation for ads? Apply here.
  • copywriting Do you do good at the words? This is the place for you.
  • design Are you a problem solver? Do you want to create graphic solutions with high visual impact? Into design you go.
  • digital (coding and design) Can you code up a storm (or a website)? Do you know how to craft a killer user experience? Get in here.
  • animation Are moving pixels your speciality? Can you cartoon with the best of ’em? Here please.
  • content marketing Do you want to create useful, relevant, shareable stuff for brands? Get in line.
  •  Get in on the organisational challenge. If you want to manage time and creatives and work with clients, step up here.
  •  Help campaign strategy and creative stay on the right track. Plan your face off right here.
  •  Harvest information to make campaigns super effective. If you want.

How to apply

If two weeks in our capable hands sounds good to you, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Fill in the relevant application
    • Art directors, copywriters, designers, digital-ers, animators, and content marketers do the creative application
    • Account handlers, planners and media researchers do the accounts application
  2. Submit the form online, email us a PDF, or send it in the post, much like cave people used to do
  3. We’ll review the applications and invite likely candidates for interview. We’ll try our best to let everybody know, but if you don’t hear from us by June, assume your application wasn’t successful (sorry!)

Dates and stuff

Summer School runs from July-August, we’ll offer you a two-week placement in those months.

The application deadline is June 1st.

There’s advice below on how to get the most out of your experience below.

And if numbers excite you, we made a Summer School infographic, with every possible detail of our program since 2012. Numbers everywhere.

That’s it! See you in the summer.

The Advice

What to do:

  • Be enthusiastic, ask questions: This is the first thing every team said when asked for advice. You’ll learn as much from us as you want to know.

Oeil (copywriting): So many students come in and act like they can’t be arsed, like they’re not bothered. These people usually leave without learning much. If they come in dead keen to learn and ask loads of questions, I would not mind in the least taking my time off from my own work to help them

Claire (account handling –  client director): [I’m impressed by] someone who is really enthusiastic and really wants to learn; it makes the process feel more valuable and worthwhile on both sides.

Matt (studio – senior artworker): There are lots of placements we are still in touch with and these are generally the ones who really threw themselves into the experience. Nobody wants someone who sits in the corner and doesn’t speak for 2 weeks.

Tori (account handling – senior client partner):

Working on live briefs and getting true insight from the team will be a real eye-opener. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of this experience. We welcome student placements year after year but the ones who stand out are the ones who will succeed in the industry. Good luck! We look forward to meeting you.

  • Prepare as much as possible:

Matt (studio – senior artworker): [Creative students], try and have some experience of the software you’ll be using during your time here, which will be the Adobe Creative Suite for the most part. Even if you haven’t used them before, read up on them and download free 30 day trials at

  •  Bring cake (not mandatory, but delicious)

What not to do:

  • Don’t sit in silence. Shy bairns get nowt, after all.
  • Don’t make sexist/homophobic/racist comments (you’d think this was supremely obvious, but you’d be surprised.)
  • Better yet, just don’t be sexist, homophobic or racist. Think of all the time you’ll save not hating people.
  • Don’t insult Star Trek (Oeil’s orders)
  • Be scared (we’re nice)
  • Park in our parking spaces. Our car park is only diddy.

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  1. Hi, when is the deadline for this years summer school applications?

    • Mell

      Hi Beth

      It’s June 1st :)

  2. Hi, just wondering if I will still be able to apply. I’m very interested in the placement but i’m unsure if the deadline is for June 2015 or 2016

    • Mell

      Hi there! We tweeted you some details, but in case you don’t get it please contact Lauren [dot] Hughes [at] different-uk [dot] com about placement opportunities : )

  3. Hi, is it possible to do the Summer School at your London office or does it only take place in Newcastle?

    • Mell

      Hi Lola. The summer school is Newcastle based for the moment. We’re happy to arrange an interview via skype or telephone if you’re interested but don’t want to travel for the first stage. Let us know at the summer school email address.