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Arthritis goes viral

Burger King Peace Burger
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McDonald’s kills the McWhopper [updated]

It's Peace Day on 21st September. To honour this and raise awareness of this effort by the UN, Burger King...

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Get wise to the giveaway guys

As online transactions settle themselves firmly everywhere from our email inbox to the phone in our pocket, NTSeCC make their...

He For She emma watson from UN Facebook
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Rantic: the fake PR company ‘threatening’ HeforShe

HeforShe, a movement for gender equality, was announced by Watson, a UN ambassador, at the UN headquarters in New York...

Sheryl Sandberg Ice bucket challenge
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#icebucketchallenge is far from slacktivism

The #icebucketchallenge, the source of soggy people all over your newsfeeds, has been dismissed as ‘slacktivism’, like the #nomakeupselfie before...

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We are England at the Commonwealth Games

As platforms for brand awareness go, you don’t get much bigger than an international sporting event

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Facebook’s new range of gender options

Facebook introduced a range of gender identities yesterday, allowing users greater choice than just male and female.

NYT image Katie Hill Arin Andrew Veltijn de Hingh, Ryley Pogensky
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Transgender models “big news”

Barneys department store is using its latest catalogue to go beyond its usual remit of showcasing the latest fashion trends....

ChildLine ZipIt hawkward
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ChildLine to make sexting hawkward

ChildLine, in collaboration with NSPCC and Young Stonewall, have developed an app to tackle problems that arise as a consequence...

From One Second to the Next preview
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It can wait

BBDO New York have teamed up with legendary German film-maker Werner Herzog.

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