Christmas Collection 2016
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Christmas magic managed

We got an early Christmas present this year by completely obliterating our target to contribute 350 items to Newcastle West...

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Help the Newcastle West End food bank.

Help us spread Christmas magic in Newcastle by donating festive food and essentials items to the Newcastle West End...

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d.fferent Save the Children

Every Christmas at d.fferent towers we pick a cause and pour cash and festive goodwill in its direction. 2015 is...

UNICEF ad block ad
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UNICEF bypass the ad blockers

UNICEF have used an ingenious tactic to beat ad blockers, one that's sure to make other charities pay attention.

Stampede 16
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The Stampede

All the way back in July, Marko recruited a team for the 10k Stampede for British Heart Foundation.

A grid showing the whole list of global goals in multicoloured squares
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The Global Goals: Let’s save the world

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will come together in New York at the UN to discuss The Global...

Movember mental health
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Social media is good for mental health

A study by Glasgow University showed a positive correlation between social media use late at night and poor mental health...

Burger King Peace Burger
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McDonald’s kills the McWhopper [updated]

It's Peace Day on 21st September. To honour this and raise awareness of this effort by the UN, Burger King...

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The Great d.fferent Bake-Off: An update

NECA is an amazing charity based here in the North East. They offer support to anyone who wants to address...

bake off
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Pinnies at the ready

The bake off went as well as could be expected, but here's the evidence so you can judge for...

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