Sian summer school 2016
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Learn a lot, try a lot

Apparently people don’t usually tick four options to participate in on the application form but there is a first for...

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Snapchat patents image recognition for brands

File under: Cool things brands might be able to do in the future. Snapchat allows brands to reach 100 million...

differentology IAB mobile advertising research
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differentology’s study to save mobile advertising

A differentology study on behalf of IAB has revealed how brands can save their mobile advertising from the rise of...

Chewbacca mom Facebook Live
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Five reasons you should be live streaming

It started with Meerkat and Periscope (an app bought Twitter before it even launched), which meant a lot of experimentation...

Kylie Jenner instagram screenshot
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Instadoom: the algorithms are coming

Instagram announced a move away from chronological posts earlier this month.

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Facebook becomes more brand friendly

Facebook announced two big Newsfeed changes this week that make it even more brand-friendly.

Save all the species
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Content in 2015: The good, the weird, and the viral

We've boiled our favourite internet content of the year into three categories: the good, the weird, and the viral.

Nuby video screengrab
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Nuby knows you know best

With a great Nuby UK brand campaign launch behind us, we launched the content-focused next stage earlier this week.

skeptical kid adblock
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Blocking the ad blockers

Ad blockers have been blocked by big name publishers as they fight to keep their ad revenue and their content...

Burger King Peace Burger
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McDonald’s kills the McWhopper [updated]

It's Peace Day on 21st September. To honour this and raise awareness of this effort by the UN, Burger King...

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