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What’s the meaning of life?

Basically, in my books, Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most amazing human beings that ever lived. Up there...

cigarette flickr marius mellebye
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IPA (and d.fferent) respond to cigarette packaging plans

Plans to reform cigarette packaging received a lot of coverage over the weekend, with opinions from every side. The main...

McVitie's ad
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McVitie’s forced to edit ad after bunny complaints

We covered the McVitie's 'Sweeet' Christmas ad last week. It's to the left if you haven't seen it already. There...

Dial M for Murder
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Films you should peep this weekend

I do love a good film. Slightly less so than that, I also love others enjoying a good film. So...

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Calm down TRUSTe, the internet of things isn’t doomed

New research claims to cast a shadow over the previously glittering future of the Internet of Things. It reveals low...

EU election flyers
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What if we made design decisions, not political ones?

It’s quite a big deal - deciding who will run our country. You would think, then, that campaign flyer designs...

Morrisons uses the Angel of the North to advertise its baguettes
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Morrisons baguette stunt prompts mixed reactions

Morrisons projected a baguette onto the Angel of the North in Gateshead as part of their “I’m cheaper” campaign designed...

Veet couple ad
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Social media backlash causes Veet to withdraw campaign

Groundbreaking findings from Veet’s research department revealed that the merest micron of leg hair posed a grave risk to the...

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How to do creativity

The internet, it is now established, is fairly useful. As a communication tool it has revolutionized almost every aspect of...

IPA ADAPT sessions
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Let’s all give change a big hug

Our Group MD attended the IPA ADAPT sessions in London this month. Here are his thoughts: "We should be used...

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