The dizzy heights of chuffdom

The dizzy heights of chuffdom

Last week I finished planting 156 potatoes (a foot deep – that’s a lot of digging), plus 42 sweet peas and approximately (or so my lower vertebrae tell me) a million lettuces. Surveying the results I thought I’d reached the dizzy heights of chuffdom. But no.

Employee Of The Month! Wow! In a company where everybody I know gives 110% 25 hours a day that means a lot. And knowing that my colleagues thought enough of my contribution to vote for me means even more.

So a huge thank-you to Marko, Ben, Yousaf and Ian; anyone else who put a good word my way and everyone else who helps keep this show on the road. It’s great to have such exciting jobs to work on, such great minds to swap ideas with and such smart-arsed, sassy, silver-tongued troopers who make it a proper laugh along the way.

P.S. Haven’t decided what I’m spending the loot on. It won’t be lettuce though.

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  1. Yay! Well done Sue. Long-awaited and well-deserved. Sue is a true multi-storey of talent (see what I did there?!) with so many levels that only compound words are enough to describe her.