d.fferento/ogy research ad effectiveness in The Sun’s World Cup giveaway

d.fferento/ogy research ad effectiveness in The Sun’s World Cup giveaway

The Sun embarked on “the greatest print initiative of recent times” yesterday and sent out 22 million free copies of their World Cup Pride edition.

The free paper celebrates the World Cup and demonstrates to advertisers the importance of newspapers in national cultural life.

The 24 page paper is part funded by regular Sun advertisers Sky, Aldi, Coca Cola, BT, Mars and Domino’s, and that’s where d.fferento/ogy come in.

They’ll be gathering data on just how effective the give away has been for the advertisers helping to fund it. Ad recall, brand perception and a variety of other metrics will be used to see just how well this audacious experiment performed.

The Sun hopes to demonstrate the power of newspaper ads by highlighting the importance of newspapers in national life, especially during big events like the World Cup. It’s a strong message.

“There is no where else you can buy media that has our kind of paid for reach every day,” Sun Editor David Dinsmore told Media Week, discussing his newspapers’ unique position as an advertising platform.

He continued: “I think we have a long future in print ahead of us, but there is a massive revolution happening in digital. It’s our job to marry those two things up.”

“[The Sun] has to be valued across every platform, hence we are paid for across every platform. I think the days of giving your stuff away for no return has to come to an end. The consumer and the advertiser will end up appreciating that.”

d.fferento/ogy’s Director of Insight Mark James said: “This is a fantastic project for us, and we couldn’t be happier to be involved. We’re hoping it’ll turn out some interesting and insightful results for our client, and some data we can really get our teeth into.”

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