How #Twitter10k will change Twitter strategy

How #Twitter10k will change Twitter strategy

Twitter has announced plans to up the character limit for tweets to 10 000, which naturally caused #Twitter10k to trend.

As with all Twitter changes the announcement prompted confusion on the service and a dip in the company’s share price.

The change also inspired comparisons to Facebook, the company Twitter has been accused of copying on more than one occasion. With its user-curated timeline and re-tweet option the 10k character limit arguably brings the website closer to tumblr, the slightly more niche yahoo-owned blogging site.

Regardless of what Twitter is evolving into, the popular opinion is that it’s not Twitter.

Obviously @Jack, Twitter’s CEO, says the move is a positive one.

Whether it’s a good idea or not, the fact remains that brands will be faced with what on the face of it is a brand new format.

So what should they do?

Keep calm

This isn’t an all change for Twitter, just a big change. While there are undoubtedly some major shifts content-wise for Twitter on the way, it’s likely that your next Twitter strategy will bear uncanny resemblance to your existing one.

Keep it brief

So, you’ve got 9860 new characters to play with. That’s exciting.

However, to retain a semblance of its current form Twitter will introduce a 140 character preview of longer content. At first glance tweets will remain almost identical.

Despite the potential in those thousands of new characters you still need an engaging, short introduction to your content. Same as always.

In the aftermath of this huge change, brevity will remain the soul of Twitter.

Keep it visual

One of the main outcomes of Twitter’s constant evolution is its increasing resemblance to Facebook. This includes a highly visual timeline and better engagement for tweets containing visual media.

Embedded gifs, videos and images continue to be the native tongue of the internet, and you need to keep them in your content vocabulary.

Don’t lose sight of how your content looks to your audience just because you have a lot of new space for words.

Keep the conversation going

If they’re smart (and despite the inevitable criticism, of course they are) Twitter will retain its conversational focus and features.

In the highly likely event that Twitter keeps its Tweet-chain, reply and quote features intact, be sure to keep using them to bump your content.

Basically…Keep it more or less the same

If what you’re doing on Twitter is already working, don’t change it. Just add to it.

Obviously the expanded character limit will have a whole range of uses, but Twitter will remain Twitter. Remember to keep it timely, brief and engaging and you’ll pretty much be okay.

So far it seems the only functional difference for you as a user is whether the words you share are hosted on Twitter or elsewhere.

The benefits for Twitter are more obvious.

Longer content will be searchable, highlightable and ultimately keep more people on Twitter than the current menthod of screen grabbing text or going elsewhere.

Twitter whose main problem has been a flatlined user base, despite the utility of its content, w. In essence, it’s not too dissimilar to Facebook’s Instant Articles.

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