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The challenge

One of the UK’s leading house builders, established for over 40 years, Redrow knew they couldn’t stand still in the ever-evolving market. They needed a digital strategy that would increase traction in their market and improve awareness and consideration.

What we did

Up until now, Redrow had single-handedly built their reputation on their products, on crafting new homes with meticulous attention to detail and focus on quality. Like most other house builders, they’d invested almost entirely on tactical activity, and not on brand.

We wanted to help them change that.

Differentology performed some research to see how people really felt about Redrow as a brand, and their thought process when buying a home. This informed our brand strategy from the bottom up.

Our campaign focused on the brand proposition created for Redrow by Different, “a better way to live”.

The Make Better Memories multi-platform brand campaign was designed to send traffic to a landing page, which told Redrow’s story before prompting a search for developments near them.

The effect

The campaign generated a significant amount of traffic and brand uplift with an impressive 21,000 unique page views in just two months. Redrow was the only house builder to achieve an uplift in traffic in the tail end of the year.

Redrow was also able to reach a new audience through social media – 81% of visits from social media were completely new to the website.

There was an 80% increase of year-on-year traffic too – the only housing brand to see a growth during the period of the campaign. This meant Redrow became the second most visited website in the UK, the first time that they had ever gained this level of reach.



making brand-new memories

The Last Druid

The challenge

Entrepreneur and indie author, Glen Hall, was gearing up to launch his first book, The Last Druid, and he came to us to help him make the most of social media in promoting it. He’d already started picking up a substantial following of fantasy fiction fans and needed a strategy to optimise his engagement prior to his launch date.

What we did

We started with a strategy to expand and enhance Glen’s Facebook presence, and spread onto Twitter. We utilised the rich data collected by both Twitter and Facebook to get the word out as far and as wide as possible, at the same time making the most of the lovely audience Glen had already gathered.

The sci-fi and fantasy community has a strong online element, so picking out key influencers and strategies to target this notoriously passionate group became the basis of our approach.

For each phase of the campaign (pre-launch, launch and post-launch) we made use of targeted ads, influencers in the sci-fi and fantasy community, lookalike audiences, and a pretty awesome animation.

The effect

The hero piece of our strategy, the animation, was a great success on Facebook, racking up 443k views, 765 shares and 2.4k likes. It also got 11k views on YouTube.

Glens Twitter following increased under the new strategy by 512%.

The book itself got to Kindle number 1 in Canada and Australia, and to number 3 in the Young Adult Kindle best sellers list in the UK.

The Last Druid

the last druid

from fantasy to reality

Nûby Thirsty Kids

The challenge

Thirsty Kids is Nûby’s awesome range of tough, hygienic water bottles that are completely brand new to the UK market. They’re so good at keeping kids hydrated that Nûby wants more parents to know about them.

Our challenge was to increase traction and improve awareness and consideration. Hydration is a hot topic for Nûby and their competitors, so communicating the Thirsty Kids cup’s unique features was the name of the game.

What we did

We made our product the hero of the campaign (literally), working with the Different team who developed the campaign concept based on Captain Quench, our campaign hero, a bottle who can quench any thirst!

We designed a social media strategy to support Nûby and their influencers to place our campaign in the right conversations. Our messaging framework meant that the brand was consistent on every channel too.

We aimed to tap into our audience with a mix of influencer conversation and user-generated content. The passionate parents and parent bloggers are already out there, Nûby just needed to join their conversations.

Influencers featured their little ones dressed as superheroes and talked about the product in their blogs. This helped spark the user-generated content that played a crucial role in our strategy.

The effect

Captain Quench and the Thirsty Kids range far surpassed Nûby’s targets, selling 50% more than expected over the launch period.

This success was reflected on social media too. The industry average for Facebook engagement is 0.14%, while Nûby saw 1.2%. Instagram told a similar story with a 2% engagement rate, beating an industry average of 1%. Bam!

Nûby Thirsty Kids

Nûby Thirsty Kids

making our products the hero

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